The following are free e-text readers:

Balabolka is a free text and PDF ereader that can saved on a jump drive. It is run from the jump drive so it doesn't need to be installed on a computer; however, the computer must have a "voice" already installed. Balabolka also can create a mp3 file from the computer reading.
Adobe Reader and a "How to use" Guide
You can download version 9.3 Adobe Reader a PDF file viewer for free. Adobe Reader will read a PDF file .

Natural Reader and a "How to use" Guide
A text to speech software program with a free version along with Personal(49.50) and Professional version($99.50). Natural Reader can read text files, MS Word files, Internet Explorer webpages, E-mails. You are able to make adjustments on speed, voice,quality, and volume. This software also has a floating mini-bar.

Read Please and a "How to use" Guide

WordTalk - Checkout the Quick Guide on the WordTalk website.
A free text to speech plug-in for Microsoft Word. It will highlight and speak text aloud. There are settings to adjust the highlight color, voice and speed. This software will convert the text into .wav or .mp3 files.

Dolphin Easy Reader by Dolphin has been purchased by MITS and distributed to school districts for free. This software will read DAISY formatted books (Bookshare, NIMAC). Each school district's Technology director has copies of Easy Reader. This program is similar to Read:Outloud (see below), but each has unique features.Take a look at the Quick-Satrat guide for Dolphin's Easy Reader

Bookshare: For a powerpoint on using Bookshare, click the following link: Bookshare Info

When you use Bookshare and are a member or sponsor, Reading tools (under Getting Started Tab at can be downloaded. These include Read:Outloud and the Acapela voices.