Carol Tomlinson Essential Questions:

1. When I'm teaching and when students are using materials to get information, how do I ensure the right level of challenge for students, tap into what they care about, and make sure they learn in the most efficient and effective way possible?
  • Differentiation of content by readiness, interest, learning profile

2. When students are working to make sense of ideas and to apply skills, how can I ensure the right level of challenge, relate what they are doing to things they find relevant and exciting and have opportunity to explore and express ideas in ways that work for them?
  • Differentiation of process by readiness, interest,learning profile

3. When students are demonstrating what they know, understand, and can do, how can I ensure the right level of challenge, connections with what they find compelling or intriguing and ways of working and expressing ideas that support them in revealing what they have learned?
  • Differentiation of product by readiness, interest, learning profile

MITS Michigan's Intergrated Technology Supports Michigan's states assistive technology agency.
Freedom Sticks - Developed to give families free technology for people with disabilities.

Premier Tools
Buying a district site licence of Premeier Litercy Suite is the "best bang for the buck" with eleven tools. Every computer in the district can have Premier which is great foundation for the all students. Below is some quick start guides for the products I use the most.


Inspiration program could be used for journal writing. Inspiration has a free 30 day trial and check with your IT people on having the program at home if you are using it a school.

Inspiration also has Inspiredata and Kidspiration.


Audacity is a free easy to use audio-editor and recorder. Don't forget about also downloading the Lame file.